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If you are looking to repair or install a fiberglass roof, we offer a range of fiberglass services. To learn more about fiberglass please visit our dedicated Fibreglass page.


Roof pointing in Wakefield


When the mortar that holds your tiles together becomes loose it is important that this is replaced. We can undertake all repointing and ensure that your roof is structurally sound.

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Felt Roofing in Wakefield


Felt roofing is one of the most common types of roof. Felt roofing is very durable but may need re-roofing, replacement or repair if there has been little to no maintenance or if the roof is of an old age. If you would like to fix or fit a new felt roof, we are happy to help here at 1st Roofing. If you are looking for felt roofing in Wakefield, York or Leeds, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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Slate Roofing in Wakefield


Slate roofs are another popular type of roof perfect for both traditional and modern homes. If the weather has been particularly harsh or your roof is old, tiles may get damaged or come loose. If so, we can undertake repairs and re-roofing to rectify the problem, and will never recommend replacing the roof unless it is completely necessary.

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tiling with 1st Roofing, Roofing in Wakefield


If your roof tiles are constructed from clay, we can complete any repairs as well as replace your roof if this is what your property needs. For tiled roofing services in Wakefield, Castleford and Leeds, please contact us at 1st Roofing.

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Chimneys with 1st roofing in Wakefield


Over time, your chimney may develop problems and it is important to get these fixed quickly to prevent these problems from worsening. If your brickwork needs repointing or you have a blockage, our friendly 1st Roofing team will be able to restore your chimney back to proper working condition.

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Guttering with 1st Roofing in Wakefield


Your gutters are important elements of your home which help to maintain structural integrity. Gutters are susceptible to blockages but we can undertake periodical maintenance to ensure your gutters are always in good working condition.

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Fascias with 1st Roofing in Wakefield


When your gutters transport a lot of water, the weight of this can be quite significant. Fascias help to support your gutters and also prevent any pests from entering your roof. If your fascias need repairs or replacement, the 1st Roofing team are here to help.

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Soffits with 1st Roofing in Wakefield


Hidden under the fascias are the soffits which cover the rafters. Soffits help protect your property by preventing water from leaking into the roof and providing ventilation. If you have any leaks then you may need to repair or replace your soffits, which is another service that we provide here at 1st Roofing.

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Lead work with 1st Roofing in Wakefield

Lead Work

Roofing leadwork is not only decorative but helps safeguard your property by channeling water away from the building. Regular inspections and maintenance will identify any issues and we can provide this service here at 1st Roofing.

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We have noticed that many of our customers struggle to name the part of their roof that needs attention. If you scroll through many of the images you’ll see that we have put a description on many them, so if you need a repair or have a problem with your roof, you’ll be able to tell us exactly where the problem is when you first get in contact. For roofing repairs and installations in Wakefield, York, Castleford, Leeds and Selby get in touch with us at 1st Roofing.